Explorer's Garments

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Explorer's Garments Set.jpg
"Light but durable armor for the eager traveler"

Explorer's Garments are an Epic Item Set. A Player level of 15 is required for use.

The set is useful for early levelling as it gives a significant movement speed boost as well as numerous defensive stats.

Benevald - Strange Wares has a chance to stock Blueprints for the Trousers and Tunic.

Pieces[edit | edit source]

Explorer's Cover Icon.png Explorer's Tunic Icon.png Explorer's Trousers Icon.png Explorer's Footpads Icon.png
Explorer's Cover Explorer's Tunic Explorer's Trousers Explorer's Footpads

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Explorers Garments Concept.jpg
1/4 none
2/4 +8% Total Speed
3/4 +4% Offensive Ability
+4% Defensive Ability
4/4 50% Reduced Stun Duration
50% Reduced Freeze Duration
50% Reduced Petrify Duration

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