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Execution (Skill)

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Execution (Skill) Icon.png   Execution
Mastery: Nightblade
Tier: 9
Skill Type: Modifier
Max. Level: 8
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Dual Blades (Skill) Icon.png Dual Blades
Dual Blades (Skill) Icon.png

Dual Blades

01/16 6 Piercing Damage
+5% Pierce Damage
+5% Cold Damage

16/16 66 Piercing Damage
+60% Pierce Damage
+60% Cold Damage

A merciless blow struck during a moment of opportunity, with the intent to quickly finish a foe. Those that survive are not likely to remain alive very long.

This is a melee dual-wielding technique that activates off default weapon attacks.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.0.1.0

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/8 8% Chance to be Used
230% Weapon Damage
45 Cold Damage
9% Reduction to Enemy's Health
2/8 12% Chance to be Used
235% Weapon Damage
54 Cold Damage
11% Reduction to Enemy's Health
3/8 15% Chance to be Used
240% Weapon Damage
62 Cold Damage
13% Reduction to Enemy's Health
4/8 18% Chance to be Used
245% Weapon Damage
71 Cold Damage
15% Reduction to Enemy's Health
5/8 20% Chance to be Used
250% Weapon Damage
80 Cold Damage
17% Reduction to Enemy's Health
6/8 20% Chance to be Used
255% Weapon Damage
89 Cold Damage
19% Reduction to Enemy's Health
7/8 20% Chance to be Used
260% Weapon Damage
99 Cold Damage
21% Reduction to Enemy's Health
8/8 20% Chance to be Used
265% Weapon Damage
110 Cold Damage
23% Reduction to Enemy's Health
Ultimate Levels
Level Stats
9/8 20% Chance to be Used
271% Weapon Damage
120 Cold Damage
24% Reduction to Enemy's Health
10/8 20% Chance to be Used
277% Weapon Damage
130 Cold Damage
25% Reduction to Enemy's Health
11/8 20% Chance to be Used
283% Weapon Damage
139 Cold Damage
26% Reduction to Enemy's Health
12/8 20% Chance to be Used
289% Weapon Damage
149 Cold Damage
27% Reduction to Enemy's Health
13/8 20% Chance to be Used
295% Weapon Damage
158 Cold Damage
28% Reduction to Enemy's Health
14/8 20% Chance to be Used
301% Weapon Damage
168 Cold Damage
29% Reduction to Enemy's Health
15/8 20% Chance to be Used
307% Weapon Damage
178 Cold Damage
30% Reduction to Enemy's Health
16/8 20% Chance to be Used
313% Weapon Damage
188 Cold Damage
31% Reduction to Enemy's Health
17/8 20% Chance to be Used
319% Weapon Damage
199 Cold Damage
32% Reduction to Enemy's Health
18/8 20% Chance to be Used
330% Weapon Damage
215 Cold Damage
33% Reduction to Enemy's Health

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