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Enemy of My Enemy

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Enemy of My Enemy
Kymon Quest Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Brother Elluvius
Location: Kymon's Sanctuary
Faction: Kymon's Chosen
Type: Side quest
Prerequisites: Making a Stand
Unlocks: The Sacred Ashes
Rewards: XP, Rep, Component

Enemy of My Enemy is an Act 3 side quest offered by Brother Elluvius in Kymon's Sanctuary, after completing Making a Stand.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Kill Master Ravok
  • Return to Brother Elluvius

Guide[edit | edit source]

Master Ravok, the Death's Whisper can be found in Fort Haron, to the north-west of the Blood Grove Riftgate. Battle your way through the Order of Death's Vigil members to where Ravok is located at the end of the fort interior. Return to Brother Elluvius when he has been slain.

location Master Ravok

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 11000 36000 70000
Kymon's Chosen
Item Random Component

Brother Elluvius will then direct you to Father Kymon, who will offer the next faction quest, The Sacred Ashes.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
The Order has taken over Fort Haron, in the northern Blood Grove. Brother Elluvius, on behalf of Father Kymon, has instructed you to assault the fortress and eliminate an important member of the Order by the name Master Ravok.


  • Kill Master Ravok
You have dealt with the necromancer, as Brother Elluvius instructed you to. Report back to him at Sorrow's Bastion.


  • Return to Brother Elluvius