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When first talking to him[edit | edit source]


You must be the Taken the rumors been spreading about. Now I ain't gonna judge as I heard you've done right by us with that undead mess up in Lower Crossing. The name's Edwin and I do the cooking around here.

  1. Pleased to meet you.Dialogue immediately advances to section 1 of the regular dialogue.

For subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]


I ain't gonna pretend that what I make is good, or even edible, but it fills up the gut and keeps us going. Can't do much without some proper equipment and supplies. If you ever want a bowl of the Edwin Special, you just let me know.

  1. I'll, um, keep that in mind.Dialogue ends.

After teleporting Ulgrim to Devil's Crossing[edit | edit source]


Where'd you find this guy? He'd make a soup out of stone if you asked him to, and I reckon it would still taste damn fine!

  1. Rock soup, eh? Is it better than what you've been serving?Dialogue advances to section 2.
  2. Sounds delicious.Dialogue ends.

We got a joker in the midst now, eh?

  1. I gotta go.Dialogue ends.