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Runestone of Dreeg Icon.png The oldest of the three Witch Gods. As the first mortal daring enough to peer into the secrets of the Eldritch Realm, he was blinded, but returned with a type of sight beyond that of mortal limitations. Dreeg is associated with Acid and Poison damage.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Dreeg, the oldest of the three Witch Gods. The Great Guardian sought to know all, to see the truth behind the veil that blinds us all. In arrogance, or perhaps foresight, he cast aside the ancient warnings and the cautionary words of his peers. Dreeg reached into the veil and witnessed the workings of the gods themselves. For his hubris, he was struck blind, but it was then that his eyes had become truly open. Exposed to the wild magic of the eldritch realm, he was forever changed. Cruel spines pierced his flesh, acidic blood dripping from the festering wounds for all eternity. What emerged from beyond the veil bore little resemblance to the man that entered. Dreeg was reborn...a god.

Dreeg now watches over us all, his peerless gaze pierces through our very souls and sees us for who we really are. To stand before the Great Guardian is an honor without match, to hear His voice is a blessing from the heavens themselves. - The Hidden Path - Dreeg


Only once have I witnessed the true form of Dreeg. He is a creature of nightmares. A thousand lidless eyes stare through you and spines of bone pierce his divine flesh. Acid drips from the festering wounds and singes the earth so that nothing ever grows again.

His voice drives lesser beings to madness. It is said that he speaks prophecy, foretelling events not yet transpired, but to hear him overwhelms the senses. Few have the capacity to withstand him, fewer still can interpret the mad ramblings of those that did.

Whatever Dreeg had done to ascend, I am not certain that it was worth the price he had to pay. - The Attendant

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Dreeg, the witch god, is said to have peered beyond the veil and witnessed the truth of all things. For that, the gods have cursed his mortal form into a spined abomination with a thousand lidless eyes. He now stands immortal guard over the veil, his peerless gaze ever watchful for those who would dare follow in his stead." - Eye of the Guardian
  • "A binding with the great guardian confers some of Dreeg's regenerative ability, while wounds inflicted by enemies will spray caustic blood as though inflicted upon Dreeg himself." - Blood of Dreeg
  • "Bearer of the seven plagues of the witch god Dreeg." - Pestilence of Dreeg
  • "A blessing, and a curse, bestowed upon the bearer of Dreeg's word, the one voice through which the Witch God echoes his cryptic messages." - Voice of Dreeg

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