Dravis' Letter to Daila - Third Entry

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Dravis' Letter to Daila - Third Entry is a quest item that can be found in The Forsaken Wastes on Ultimate Difficulty only.

To acquire the letter, the player must first have equipped, or in their inventory, the Legendary Dagger Stormheart, as well as the First and Second Entry.

The letter can then be found in The Forsaken Wastes, inside a ruined house to the north of the area. A small plume of blue smoke can be seen inside; moving close enough will add the quest item to the inventory, and the following text will appear on-screen:

This place feels strange...

The note text provides a clue to finding the Final Entry.

The pieces are finally falling into place. The answers were under our very noses all along. The rift violently consumed our home, but in doing so it revealed what was hidden from us underneath the floorboards. Our father kept a journal, a seemingly innocuous object, yet the pages were sealed from me with a protective rune.

Carelessly, or perhaps arrogantly, I dispelled the seal. The resulting flames consumed the book and marked my face with embers that refuse to extinguish. It is agonizing, but I will endure. Despite our father's efforts, I was able to rescue some pages from the inferno. He told us that our mother died in childbirth, that much is true, but what you do not know is that we were not the first. There were other women, and other children, but the dates...they did not make any sense. It was not until I turned to the final page that the answer became clear.

I must make haste to the City of the Dead. Therein lies our final clue...


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