Dravis' Letter to Daila - Second Entry

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Dravis' Letter to Daila - Second Entry is a quest item that can be found in Anguish (Level 5 of the The Steps of Torment) on Ultimate Difficulty only.

To acquire the letter, the player must first have equipped, or in their inventory, the Legendary Dagger Stormheart, and the First Entry.

The letter can then be found in a secret room in the bottom corner of Anguish. A pile of skulls with a plume of blue smoke can be seen inside; moving close enough will add the quest item to the inventory, and the following text will appear on-screen:

A sense of dread overwhelms you...

The note text provides a clue to the location of the Third Entry.

by now you must have seen the haunting echoes from Arkovia's past. Have you never wondered how all this came to be? How Arkovia really fell? Father called it greed, but greed alone cannot condemn a man to such torment. Nay, powerful sorcery was at play here.

I could feel it in very walls. The stones screamed with unfettered rage, rage towards...me. Do the dead despise the living so? Do they yearn after what was stolen from them? To exist in such a state of endless limbo would drive any soul mad, but I do not believe that madness is what inspired this response. There was something familiar within these stones.

I have to learn more. So I intend to visit the one place I know our father had been: our childhood home. Of course, this presents me with a bit of a challenge, as you well know why, for our home was consumed by the Chthonian rifts not long ago. But such trivialities will not stop me from discovering the answers I seek...


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