Dravis' Letter to Daila - First Entry

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Dravis' Letter to Daila - First Entry is a quest item that can be found in the Blood Grove as part of Daila's Secret Quest on Ultimate Difficulty only.

To acquire the letter, the player must first have equipped, or in their inventory, the Legendary Dagger Stormheart. The letter can then be found in the Blood Grove under the Weeping Oak, a large tree full of hanged corpses.  At the base of the tree is a small plume of blue smoke; moving close enough will add the quest item to the inventory, and the following text will appear on-screen:

You feel a chilling breeze, but there is no wind...

The note text provides a clue to the location of the Second Entry.

Dearest sister,

I am confident that this letter will find its way to you. You cannot resist returning to this place; I know that the memories of that night still conjure nightmares in your sleep. The face you saw, that is the price one pays for learning the truth. Truth which you deny!

Do you remember how we used to play around the old ruins as children? Father always told us not to, that we would be swept away by the harpies that fill the sky in the twilight hours. But what if he was not just trying to protect us? Perhaps there were ulterior motives to keeping us away from the old places of the world? What if, should we venture inside, we would learn more about his past than he wished for us to know?

I have done what you could not, Daila. I have defied our father and entered the depths of Anguish. It is there that my eyes were truly opened. If you are wise, you will do as I have...


Weeping Oak Location

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