Dravis' Letter to Daila - Final Entry

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Dravis' Letter to Daila 4 Icon.png

This note is found in the Sanctum of the Immortal. (Ultimate Difficulty only.)

I shake in anticipation of what is to come, I can hardly write these words with a stable hand. Our father, our legacy, it is more than I could have ever asked for, more than I could have even imagined. To deny us this heritage...it is a crime against his very children. But I have learned his secrets and I will not be denied.

Our father is immortal, Daila. It has taken him a thousand-thousand souls trapped within a single moment of agony to accomplish this impossible deed. What dark day in history served in the pursuit of immortality, I cannot say. But here, in the Necropolis, our father prepared a different ritual. This one was meant to harvest what remained of the tormented dead within the grave site, to replenish his own shattered being, but for whatever reason he never finished it. The sigil was abandoned. All that remained was to light the pyre and offer a living sacrifice.

Without hesitation, I finished what he could not. Though I am not truly immortal as he is, the power within these souls will be enough for me to track him down and repay him for all the suffering he has instilled upon us. Then, when my vengeance is complete, I shall use the calamity that now consumes the world to do as our father had before, all those centuries ago.

Should you reconsider in joining me, Daila, seek me out to the North. I shall be standing triumphantly over our father's ashes.


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