Dirt-Covered Note

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This is a note that can be found on the ground in the Convict's Cavern in Wightmire.

Got ourselves a bunch of them idiot Rovers wandering in our hideout the other night. They were unarmed, as they often are. Course, they tried to run when we jumped them, but little good that did them. Now we have ourselves a few slaves digging in the mine. We can't eat coal though, and our food supplies are starting to run out. The Rovers barely had a few scraps between them.

With the Burrwitch bridge destroyed, we're stuck in this swamp. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps we made a mistake by not following with Cronley's Gang to the west. May not be much pickings in the wilderness on that side of Devil's Crossing, but at least they had numbers. Could probably hunt down a decent-sized boar between the lot of them. Out here? We got nothing but slith and the dead.