Dirge of Arkovia (relic)

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This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.

Dirge of Arkovia

"A terrifying song emanates from this stone."
Mythical Relic

28% Vitality Resistance
18% Elemental Resistance
33% Chance of 2 Seconds of Terrify Retaliation
+1 to all skills in Necromancer

Bonus to All Pets:

+50% to All Damage
+25% Health
+10% Total Speed

Granted Skills

Summon Skeletal Servant (Granted by Item)
Bind the remains of a hundred tormented souls to serve you. This terrifying being cleaves through foes and traps them within cages of bone. Only one Skeletal Servant can be summoned at a time. The servant scales with Pet Bonuses.
200 Energy Cost
30 Second Skill Recharge
1 Summon Limit
Skeletal Servant Attributes:
39462 Health
4571 Energy
Skeletal Servant Abilities:
Skeletal Claws
220-343 Physical Damage
244 Vitality Damage

Required Player Level: 70