Devil's Crossing (faction)

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Disambig.png This article is about the faction. For the location it currently inhabits, see Devil's Crossing.
Faction Devil's Crossing Icon.png

Survivors... that is the word used most often to describe the hardy denizens of Devil's Crossing. The men and women who made it through the Grim Dawn to form a small community within the ruins of an abandoned prison. They have seen all too many friends and family lost to the "Taken"; those found possessed by the Aetherials.

Earning their trust will prove no easy task, but with supplies running low and a looming Aetherial threat on the horizon, they may just be willing to take a chance.

Devil's Crossing is an allied faction in Grim Dawn.

Headquarters: Devil's Crossing

Reputation gained from:

Devil's Crossing Bounties[edit | edit source]

Bounty Icon.png
  1. Reanimators
  2. Nicholas Balthazar
  3. Cronley's Ascended
  4. Cronley's Lackeys
  5. Halion, The Rat
  6. The Bruiser
  7. The Raven
  8. Slathra
  9. Ballior
  10. Igor
  11. The Blooddrinker
  12. Scrap
  13. Aether Crystals
  14. Calamity
  15. The Aetherflame
  16. Tainted Brain
  17. Nalloth
  18. Master of the Pit
  19. Blade of Ch'thon
  20. Warden's Pets

Quests[edit | edit source]

The following quests provide Faction Reputation rewards for Devil's Crossing.

Faction Equipment[edit | edit source]

Stoneheart Oil Icon.png
Stoneheart Oil
Slithblood Tincture Icon.png
Slithblood Tincture
Blueprint 1 magical.tex.png Blueprint: Relic - Gunslinger's Talisman
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png Blueprint: Devil's Cord
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png Blueprint: Devil's Waistguard
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png Blueprint: Devil's Girdle
Blueprint 2 rare.tex.png Blueprint: Devil's Cudgel
Blueprint 3 epic.tex.png Blueprint: Defender of Devil's Crossing
Devil's Crusher Icon.png
Devil's Crusher
Devil's Retribution Icon.png Devil's Retribution
Devil's Musket Icon.png
Devil's Musket
Devil's Protector Icon.png Devil's Protector
Devil's Cover Icon.png Devil's Cover
Devil's Headguard Icon.png Devil's Headguard
Devil's Spaulders Icon.png Devil's Spaulders
Devil's Shoulderguard Icon.png Devil's Shoulderguard
Devil's Cuirass Icon.png Devil's Cuirass
Devil's Chestguard Icon.png Devil's Chestguard
Boneback Spine Icon.png
Boneback Spine
Slith Venom Icon.png
Slith Venom
Gazer Eye Augment Icon.png
Gazer Eye
Corpsefiend Tentacle Icon.png
Corpsefiend Tentacle
Rifthound Salts Icon.png
Rifthound Salts
Devil's War Seal Icon.png
Devil's War Seal
Devil's Wrath Seal Icon.png
Devil's Wrath Seal
Devil's Badge of Flame Icon.png
Devil's Badge of Flame
Devil's Badge of Frost Icon.png
Devil's Badge of Frost
Devil's Badge of Venom Icon.png
Devil's Badge of Venom
Survivor's Ingenuity Icon.png
Survivor's Ingenuity
Survivor's Resilience Icon.png
Survivor's Resilience
Survivor's Perseverance Icon.png
Survivor's Perseverance
Cairn's Hope Icon.png
Cairn's Hope
Song of the Elements Icon.png
Song of the Elements
Viloth's Bite Icon.png
Viloth's Bite
Overseer's Gaze Icon.png
Overseer's Gaze
Survivor's Ally Icon.png
Survivor's Ally
Writ of Devil's Crossing
Mandate of Devil's Crossing

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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