Death to the Usurper

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This note is found in the Conclave of the Three.

Praises be upon the Three. Praises be upon their wisdom, their foresight and their pity upon mankind. For without their blessings, we would be as worthless husks, devoid of the gifts of the Eldritch realm and at the mercy of the Luminari hounds.

Curses be upon the usurper, the burning vengeance, the Korvan destroyer. Curses be upon his lust for the Eldritch Thrones, the pinnacle of the gods. May he die a thousand deaths as Dreeg suffers a thousand festering wounds, may his insides fill with spiders and his eyes turn to ash by Eldritch fire. All this we invoke upon the usurper of the Eldritch powers; powers meant to be wielded by the true gods and their servants.

We march through the blistering sands and into the heart of flame, the whispers of Dreeg in our ears, the hounds of Bysmiel at our side, the black flame of Solael upon our blades. None shall be spared before our wrath. By the gifts of our patrons, we will reclaim what is theirs; and though our blood shall spill upon the Korvan sands, it will be done in honor of the true masters of humanity.