Dark One's Grasp

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Dark One's Grasp is a level 94 Legendary Hand Armor, available with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion.

It drops only from the third Rift-Claimed Adherent in the Edge of Reality area of Act 6, with a 9.8% chance.

Set: Dark One's Gift

Stats[edit | edit source]

Dark One's Grasp Icon.png

Dark One's Grasp

Legendary Gloves
1105 Armor

+60% Acid Damage
+60% Vitality Damage
+60% Poison Damage
+60% Vitality Decay
+282 Health
+102 Offensive Ability
16% Elemental Resistance
+2 to Bloody Pox
+2 to Ravenous Earth
+2 to Wendigo Totem
15% Reduced target's Damage for 2 Seconds to Bloody Pox
3% Health Restored to Wendigo Totem

Required Player Level: 94
Required Physique: 382
Item Level: 94

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