Dangerous Roads

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This note is found in the Pine Barrens (near an Untouched Meal).

The fools. Curse the Empire soldiers for abandoning their post at Tyrant's Hold. What devilry has compelled them to such a thing? Do they want to see travelers killed and devoured by savages and beasts? I pay the Empire very high taxes to keep the roads safe. If they are not going to do their part, then I will simply stop doing mine.

When I return to the Merchants Guild, I will be filing a formal complaint against the Empire and the Army. If I can generate enough support, then we can boycott the major cities and put some real pressure on the diplomats in Erulan. Maybe even force them to pay restitution to the Guild. They may be royalty, but even they will bend to the power of coin. It would make me very happy indeed to see the all mighty Empire bowing to the Guild for a change.

And now more wonderful news. A traveler heading North said they were robbed by bandits to the south. What's worse is many of these criminals were dressed in soldier uniforms. Is it possible the regiment from Tyrant's Hold has gone rogue? I think it's high time we did away with this decrepit system of rule. It's treason to even think such thoughts, much less write them down, but if we survive this it will be long past time for dramatic change.

Pavel Ludnum