Dangerous Curiosity

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Dangerous Curiosity
Dangerous Curiosity.png
Quest Info
Given by: Kasparov
Location: Devil's Crossing
Faction: Devil's Crossing
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: The Inventor's Apprentice
Unlocks: Dismantling
Rewards: XP, Rep

This is a small side quest offered by Kasparov after completing The Inventor's Apprentice, repairing the bridge connecting Devil's Crossing to the Arkovian Foothills and gaining Respected faction status with Devil's Crossing. The quest is offered after repairing the bridge to the Arkovian Foothills in Elite and Ultimate Difficulties - the Act 1 quest line need not be completed to do so.

Completing this quest unlocks the Inventor's Dismantling ability.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Collect Dynamite (0/3)
  • Bring the Dynamite to Kasparov in Devil's Crossing

Guide[edit | edit source]

The Dynamite can be found in mines and around Bandit camps. Staunton Mine and Hanneffy Mine each have at least one dynamite, and it can also be found around the Four Hills camps. "Moneybags" Martin in Cronley's Hideout also drops dynamite.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 2000 13000 35000

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
Kasparov has a hypothesis that items of great magical power can be broken down into their base components if enough energy is supplied into the system. To prove him right, you are to collect Dynamite from the mines scattered around the Arkovian Foothills and Old Arkovia. Then the experiment shall begin.


  • Collect Dynamite (0/3)
  • Bring the Dynamite to Kasparov in Devil's Crossing