Daila Thornsbury

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"It might seem silly, but writing helps me relax; even now, with the world as it is."
Daila Thornsbury
NPC Info
Location(s): Homestead, Mourndale, Korvan City
Service(s): N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Faction: Homestead
Gives Quest(s): Ashes of Malmouth: A Sister's Love, Family Matters

Daila Thornsbury is an NPC located on the upper level of Homestead. Finding her diary initiates the Missing Diary side quest in Act 3.

In the Ashes of Malmouth she can later be found at Mourndale, offering A Sister's Love and Family Matters quests. In The Forgotten Gods she can be found just north of the Korvan City Rift if you have completed all the other quests. She is the objective for A Mother's Gift.

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