Cronley's Secret

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Cronley's Secret
Cronley's Secret.png
Quest Info
Given by: no-one
Location: Cronley's Hideout
Faction: None
Type: Side Quest
Prerequisites: An Old Threat
Unlocks: Nothing
Rewards: XP, Aether Cluster

Cronley's Secret is a small Act 2 quest available after you have killed Darius Cronley in his hideout.

After killing him, a secret room can be found behind the bed in his boss-room. The room contains a laboratory and an Aether Cluster which can be interacted with.

Guide[edit | edit source]

The quest dialogue presents three possible actions:

  • Destroy the Laboratory and the Crystal.
  • Destroy the Laboratory and keep some of the Crystal for yourself.
  • Leave the Crystal alone.

There is little difference in choosing one option over another.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Destroy the Crystal:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 2500 8000 17500

Keep some of the Crystal:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 2500 8000 17500
Item Aether Cluster