Crate Secret Quest

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Crate Secret Quest
Crate Secret Quest Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: n/a
Location: n/a
Faction: n/a
Type: n/a
Prerequisites: n/a
Unlocks: Edge of Reality
Rewards: n/a

"Crate's secret quest" is an Easter Egg in the Forgotten Gods Expansion. Like Daila's Secret Quest in the Base game, and Lokarr's Secret Quest in the Ashes of Malmouth, it occurs on Ultimate Difficulty, with no quest text and only cryptic clues given for each step. It eventually leads the player to a series of hidden levels and a secret Boss: Crate of Entertainment.

Guide[edit | edit source]

The Seals[edit | edit source]

1) The quest begins on entering the Forgotten Cellar. The entrance is found in the Conclave of the Three, hidden behind the Cult of Dreeg Faction Vendor. Inside the cellar is an Unassuming Crate. Destroying the crate will cause the Spirit of Crate NPC to appear. The Spirit will say that the Unassuming Crate was the first of six seals to be broken, but refuses reveal the location of the others or their purpose, leaving the player to search for them on their own.

2) The second Crate is located in the northern portion of the Hidden Refuge, a secret area adjacent the Temple City of Osyr.

3) The Third is found in Sunbane Oasis, concealed under some trees in a secret area, accessed by a secret path under the broken bridge.

4) The fourth Crate is in the Ruins of Abyd, in another secret area behind a breakable wall, just north of the Vanguard of the Three.

5) The Fifth Crate is found in the Valley of the Chosen, behind a breakable wall to the east of the entrance to the Tomb of Nephos.

6) The sixth and final Crate is found in a secret area of the Tomb of the Eldritch Sun (level 2).

Chillheart[edit | edit source]

Chillheart is a Unique Dagger and counterpart to Stormheart and Blazeheart. The sword is acquired in the Vanguard of the Three by standing in the green ritual circle near the Vanguard Ritualists. The dagger will appear after spending a total of fifteen seconds in the circle.

Bonebleach Basin[edit | edit source]

with all six seals broken, the player can travel to the Cairan Docks, to an area where the Crate Entertainment logo can be found on the ground. Walking over the logo will destroy a section of the nearby wall, allowing the player to enter Bonebleach Basin. The sandstorms of the Basin will cause Damage over Time to the player, which can be avoided by sheltering in several rock formations or leeching life from the Bonebleach Dromedary creatures that inhabit the area. at the northern end of Bonebleach Basin, on the right, can be found a Desert Altar. The Altar can only be activated if the player has the Chillheart sword in their possession. Activating the Altar opens a portal to the Sanctum of the Chosen.

Inside the Sanctum of the Chosen are five different-colored levers that correspond to the colors used for different item tiers. Activating the levers in order (white, yellow, green, blue, purple) opens a door to the Edge of Reality.

Edge of Reality[edit | edit source]

The Edge of reality has three sections. The first is a desert a desert area populated by Oversized Maggots who will one-shot a character if carelessly aggravated. The Oversized Maggots won't aggro you unless they are attacked. Hidden among the maggots is a single Perfectly Usual Oversized Maggot, which is grayer in color than the rest. Killing this maggot will open an Eldritch Rift in the tower which leads to the next level.

The second level a temple ruined by volcanic activity, and is straightforward, Another Eldritch Rift lies at the end to take the player to the final level.

The Last level is modeled after Devil's Crossing, with an Eldritch twist. There waits Crate of Entertainment the resident secret Super Boss. If defeated he can drop two level 1 Legendary items: the Wilhelm's Wondrous Wargem amulet (25% chance), and the Mildly Amusing Box helm (100% chance).

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