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Crab Constellation Icon.png
The crab marks the beginning of the most prosperous fishing season of the year, but also one of the most dangerous as the larger spawns of the sea come closer to shore following the migration patterns of the smaller fish and crabs.
Affinity Required:

Ascendant   6
Order   4

Affinity Bonus:

Ascendant   3

Crab is a tier two Constellation, located in the bottom right part of the devotion window.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.0.0.9

1 +20 Physique
+15% Constitution
2 +40% Physcial Damage
+40% Elemental Damage
+40% Internal Trauma Damage
3 Arcane Barrier (15% Chance When Hit)
4 +35 Defensive Ability
18% Pierce Resistance
5 15 Elemental Damage
+40% Elemental Damage
15% Elemental Resistance

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Arcane Barrier (15% Chance When Hit)

Your shield becomes a barrier against the forces of magic.
Level Stats XP Required
1/15 3 Second Skill Recharge
280 Damage Absorption
Protects Against:
2/15 340 Damage Absorption 75000
3/15 400 Damage Absorption 164154
4/15 460 Damage Absorption 276228
5/15 520 Damage Absorption 422138
6/15 580 Damage Absorption 615122
7/15 640 Damage Absorption 870884
8/15 600 Damage Absorption 1207721
9/15 760 Damage Absorption 1646637
10/15 820 Damage Absorption 2211449
11/15 880 Damage Absorption 2928881
12/15 940 Damage Absorption 3828651
13/15 1000 Damage Absorption 4943558
14/15 1060 Damage Absorption 6309558
15/15 1150 Damage Absorption 7965836

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