Council Report to Theodin Marcell

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Council Report to Theodin Marcell is a note found in the Chamber of the High Council.

I am pleased to report that, despite initial delays, our efforts in Port Valbury have paid off and the full measure of our plan is coming to fruition. Reports from High Advisor Van Aldritch indicate that the collection of specimens is now running without interference and they will be packaged and prepared for your personal needs posthaste. It seems our investment in that vessel was well placed, as you believed it would.

Our remaining challenge is moving the specimens through the harbor. I have diverted the deliveries to the Blackiron docks, where closer scrutiny of cargo is less probable due to the frequent military shipments, and the overbearing schedule we've imposed upon the dock workers is keeping them too busy to ask questions.

Despite that, we currently have surprisingly little oversight there. However, Vernath of the Port Authority has proven to be a pleasantly simple target. He is a petty and insecure man, traits that make for easy pickings. Through him, we have ordered the harbormasters to issue weekly reports highlighting unusual activity or unexpected arrivals. This allows us to monitor harbor activity more closely and silence any unfortunate leaks of our plans before we are ready to execute the Glorious Dawn. Swiftly dealing with accidents will sow fear and distrust among the dock workers, ensuring that further incidents are avoided.

Additionally, work on the great houses of Crown Hill has been proceeding rapidly. As has been quite common among these humans, the wealthy people of this city are conceited, disloyal and power hungry. They fight, even amongst their own families, with but the slightest provocation. The council shall continue to encourage such infighting until such a time as we have gained sufficient influence among the city's elite and selected the most susceptible vessels.


Councilman In Residence

Alberran Rein