Convergence of the Covenant

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This note is found in the Solael Cult section ofthe Conclave of the Three.

I am certain you have heard the whispers as I had. The mad one is restless, his mind filled with visions of the burning one's return. If the bonds are broken and his power restored, he could unmake everything. I do not have to remind you of the consequences. The Triumvirate's fate is bound in this moment.

Send word along the spider's web. Rally the servants of Bysmiel. I invoke the sacred covenant. The forces of the Three must converge in the forgotten lands of the Korvan people. Our forces must unite against this threat, or divided we shall succumb to the vengeful flames. None must be allowed to defy our summons. Any that do are as much enemy as the forces we contend with and shall be dealt with in kind. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by the machinations of the Aetherials or the bloodletters succumbing to their own doom. The danger they pose pales in comparison to what awaits us if we fail. And if the web has done its part, then the Erulan survivors will at least stymie their progress long enough for our matters to be settled.

Seek out the twin statues. You know of which I speak. The veil there is thin and will serve as an opportune location to begin our work. At the request of the infinite eye, I've dispatched the Emissary to track down valuable allies who will turn the tide in our favor. I consider their lives expendable in pursuit of victory, but one must not tamper with the whims of fate when they are so clearly written before us.

By the Three Thrones, we will eradicate this threat to our gifts. The world will tremble before the might of the Witch Gods!

Sagon, Vicar of Solael