Compilation of Fort Ikon Reports

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This note is found the Fort Ikon Armory.

After the explosion that destroyed the armory I went back over this past week's reports and compiled this collection of excerpts which I found to be relevant. They are pulled together and arranged in order the events took place. I do this in hopes that it will illuminate how this has happened and raise the questions of what might be done to avoid future attacks like this. That is assuming we survive.

- Captain Frederick Bachknell

Report 1: Report from the North Wall Night-Watch: While patrolling the upper wall I witnessed a soldier enter the armory. I would not make note of it except that he appeared to have been looking around the courtyard to make sure none could see him as he entered the gated door. The torches were out in that area of the courtyard so it's impossible for me to say who it was.

Report 2: Report from the Officer of the Watch: Several men have gone missing and we suspect that they have deserted. A complete search of the Fort and surrounding areas has ended with no sign of them however. The scouts have found no sign of tracks and have concluded the men never left the Fort.

Report 3: Report from the Master of Arms: I have discovered ten small casks and five large casks of blackpowder missing. It is difficult to account for the missing supplies since only five people in the entire fort have access to the keys that would open the blackpowder storage. Commander Lucius headed the search himself after receiving the worrying report, starting from the bottom levels all the way to the top of the towers. Nothing was found.