Clarity of Valor

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This note is found in the Tomb of the Watchers.

With all the evil unleashed in this world, joining with the Bloodsworn made so much sense at the time. At first it was to escape the horrors unleashed by the Aetherials, the death of my family, my wife, my son. But then later I started to understand and believe the words the cult leaders were telling me. The sense of belonging made me feel important. That I was a part of something greater than myself.

Now that I stand in the halls of this mighty place, I feel the eyes of all those that gave up their lives: the Leaders, the great heroes and the countless thousands who followed them. They fought so that we could live without fear of the nameless fiends which I now serve. I can feel the honor and sacrifice of my ancestors and I am ashamed. Ashamed because of the terrors I have left in my path.

For months I have done the most vile and unspeakable things. The deaths of husbands, wives and children are on my bloody hands for no other reason than to serve my own selfishness, to wash me clean of my own fears and the devastating loss that drove me to this madness. Death and murder, all in the name of some long dead god who has no more right to the blood in my veins than I do. Blood that belongs to those who I have killed in its name.

The blood soaked foundation of this forgotten battleground have peeled away the fear and awoken me. There is no forgiving what I have done, no punishment that will ever make it right. But I can give my last breath, my last drop of blood and at last my life to do as much damage to stop them as I can. I do not stand alone. The great heroes stand with me and I do not fear.