City Guard's Log

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City Guard's Log is a note found in Malmouth Harbor.

Last night the Steelcap barracks was attacked. It happend suddenly in the dead of the darkest hour. The doors were smashed open and a flood of terrors charged through the brothers of the guard like a butcher through a flock of lambs. Their screams as they woke from sleep to the darkest nightmare still ring in my ears.

I was crippled with fear. if it weren't for Captain Wilfor's quick action none of us would have survived. My squad and I were fortunate to have been assigned to an overflow area adjacent to the main sleeping quarters, as we were just transferred there the previous day. When the attack started, the captain barged in and began shouting orders at us. Our traning took over and we followed, barricading the main door proceeding outside through the back. What awaited us was unthinkable.

At Wilfor's command, we moved silently about the ruins of the city, from barracks to barracks, in search of other guardsmen. But they all contained the same horrific scene: everyone killed in their sleep, at their posts, just slaughtered.

I'm beginning to fear that we're all that's left. Wilfor ordered us to protect some civilians while he checks nearby for another group of survivors from the city guard. Just hours ago, we found a dying man wo claimed that a stronghold was established near Candle District by a full contingent of guardsmen. I pray that it's true.

We've seen such horrors today and the men are inured and broken. I'm not sure we can muster the will to on.

Gods be with us.

Raiken Baeron