Circlet of the Great Serpent

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Circlet of the Great Serpent is a Legendary Head Armor.

This item can be crafted after finding the Blueprint: Circlet of the Great Serpent.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Circlet of the Great Serpent Icon.png

Circlet of the Great Serpent

Legendary Caster Helm
797 Armor

+33 Offensive Ability
+4 Energy Regenerated per second
26% Poison & Acid Resistance
20% Vitality Resistance
6% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
+1 to Primal Bond
+1 to all skills in Shaman

Bonus to All Pets

+45% to All Damage
+70% Acid Damage
+70% Poison Damage
+8% Offensive Ability

Granted Skills

Seal of the Serpent (20% Chance on Attack)
Empower your minions with the might of the mythical serpent.
15 Second Skill Recharge
8 Second Duration
Bonus to All Pets
25% Chance of:
150 Poison Damage over 2 Seconds
Petrify target for 1 Second
+50% to All Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Required Physique: 287
Required Spirit: 496
Item Level: 75

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