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For the Faction, See Chthonians.
Dying God Constellation Icon.png

Blood Orb of Ch'thon Icon.png The primordial Ch'thon, also known as the Elder, Dying, or Dead, God. He is the figure of worship to the Bloodsworn.

Lore[edit | edit source]

In an age preceding the creation of the mortal planes, an elder god was betrayed by his children; his body torn apart and drained of blood so that they could use its power to breathe life into their own creations. His remains were cast out of creation into a void but, incapable of death, the god lingered on in the darkness, doomed to an eternity of pain and madness; feeling the suffering and death of all mortal things that were given life from his blood. His name forgotten by time, the dying god is known only as Ch'thon; he who dwells below creation. - Dying God


The Spear of the Heavens is the celestial symbol of power. It is said that the Spear was wielded by Empyrion himself when he smote down the Dying God and shattered the deity into a thousand-thousand pieces. - Spear of the Heavens

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I try to console them. I tell them everything will be alright. Their eyes go wide with fear as I find the spot between the ribs and push the blade in. They always cry and it makes me a little sad. they do not yet understand. I watch the blood as it flows down their naked legs and into the large basin I have placed below their suspended form. Ch'thon calls for every drop. To ensure I get it all, I begin by making shallow cuts. First the legs. Then the torso. And lastly the arms. Slowly their struggle rescinds and they accept their fate. At last they find understanding. The blood is not theirs. They are only holding it for another. And now it must be returned. To Ch'thon, to whom it rightly belongs. At last their fear is peeled away and they are happy to give the blood freely. - Devoted Servant of Ch'thon, Bellor Hejnd" - Blood for Ch'thon (Note)
  • "Though Chthonian worship was not a new prospect on Cairn, desperate humans made willing allies for the powers of Ch'thon and so an old enemy has returned to haunt us and may well spell doom for us all.Even now as we slaughter one another, the void feeds upon the spilled blood and grows to envelop all of creation." - Anasteria
  • The Dead God grows in strength. It threatens the power of Korvaak, and so Korvaak must become the greater. - The Messenger
    • The Dead God? - Player
      • You know it only as Ch'thon, whose blood courses through your veins, as it does in every living being. But the Dead God yearns to return from the void; it calls to its blood, gathers it. Someday soon, Ch'thon will be reborn. - The Messenger
        • Ch'thon needs my blood? - Player
          • All blood, all life. Ch'thon's worshippers gather it, give the Dead God the strength to tear through the barrier between worlds. But as Ch'thon grows bolder, so too does Korvaak rally his strength. Cairn shall become the battleground upon which the gods shall settle their conflict. - The Messenger
  • "Fanatical cabalists swear that a drop of their primordial god's blood is contained within this orb." - Blood Orb of Ch'thon

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