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Carraxus Foul

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Carraxus Foul is a giant Crab boss located in the Den of Carraxus area of Act 5. He carries the Heart of Carraxus quest item necessary for the Desperate Measures quest.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Passive Default Attack
Physical Damage
Poison Damage over 3 Seconds
10% Chance of +15% Physical Damage
Summon Swamp Crab
Summons 2 Ugdenbog Stoneshells
4 Summon Limit
Lives for 25 Seconds
18 Second Cooldown
Triple Spit Projectile
Physical Damage
Acid Damage
Poison Damage over 6 Seconds
Acid Pool
6 Second Duration
1.8 Meter Radius
Acid Damage
Reduced target's Defensive Ability for 2 Seconds
Caustic Crush Melee single target
Piercing Damage
Acid Damage
Ground Spines
100% Chance to pass through Enemies
Piercing Damage
Acid Damage
Poison Breath attack wave
5 Meter Range
Physical Damage
Acid Damage
Poison Damage over 6 Seconds
Poison Projectile Nova
12 Projectiles
Physical Damage
Acid Damage
Poison Damage over 5 Seconds
30 Reduced target's Resistances for 3 Seconds

Resistances[edit | edit source]

  • Pierce: 25%
  • Pierce: 35%
  • Cold: 35%
  • Lightning: 80%

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Ancient Heart Icon.png File:Ugdenbog Girdle Icon.png
Ancient Heart Ugdenbog Girdle

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