Carmac's Final Notes

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This note is found in the second level of the Maw of Enaht.

Incredible, simply incredible!

The internal functions of this vast creature are unlike anything I could have ever imagined. It appears it has actually developed a symbiotic relationship with the local fauna, allowing the Korvan scarabs to roam freely and their larvae to feast upon the refuse. I suspect it is a means for the maw to clear out undesired particulates.

I've also become intimately acquainted with an undocumented form of worm that seems to burrow directly into the maw's insides. They appear to emerge only when a meal is present, as my crew quickly learned. Their deaths were most unfortunate as I now find myself alone inside the creature, but the notes I've taken on the feeding cycle will be invaluable in my chapter on the great Maw of Enaht!

Alas, the viscous material the worms extrude upon flesh seems to be having an ill effect upon my ability to walk. My legs now feel like gelatin! I'll have to gather a sample at the next opportunity for posterity. I expect it will not be long before the opportunistic feeders return. The very air here is a toxic miasma that disorients and overwhelms the senses, which makes intruders easy prey.

I must admit, my hubris got the better of me in venturing inside this creature, but what self-proclaimed explorer could turn down an opportunity of a lifetime? While I will inevitably soon join the ranks of other prominent pioneers in the field of zoological exploration that lost their lives in the field, I fully expect that my work will feed the voracious curiosity of future generations. May they complete the picture which we started this day and do so remembering the name of Carmac!

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