Burrwitch Reconnaissance Report

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This note is found near the Burrwitch Outskirts Riftgate.

I pray one of us makes it through this nightmare to deliver the report. The lives of those hiding in Devil's Crossing may depend on it.

As instructed, my team has braved the wilderness of Wightmire and made it to the outskirts of Burrwitch. The situation there is worse than we feared. We encountered no survivors. The Aetherial takeover of the region is now complete.

What we found baffling, however, is the heavy concentration of enemy activity within Burrwitch itself. In our previous encounters with the Aetherials, they seemed unfocused, spread out across the wilderness in no predictable pattern; but this seems almost deliberate, as if they were swayed to keep watch over something important.

I regret to report that, without a larger force at our disposal, even breaching the city walls would incur heavy casualties and thin our already struggling ranks. While I understand completely that our situation is dire and we are desperate for a new source of supplies and food, I cannot recommend a direct engagement with enemy force at Burrwitch. It is a suicide mission.

We need to be prepared for the eventuality that the enemy gathered at Burrwitch will mobilize upon Devil's Crossing. Should it come to that, we must be prepared to flee once more.

-Scout Thalna