Bounty: Unravelers

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Unravelers is a Kymon's Chosen Faction bounty.

This Bounty does not require a crafted Skeleton Key unless you choose to proceed to the next level of the Bastion of Chaos after slaying the Chthonian Unraveler. There is a Chthonian Rift to return you to the Necropolis Interior, but note that it spawns in random unmarked locations around the level.

Bounty Text[edit | edit source]

The Bastion of Chaos is one of the largest rifts we've ever seen. Every day, it spits out countless demons into our world. But the true terrors dwell within.

Chthonian Unravelers are the harbingers of our world's destruction. One such creature once felled a dozen loyal Chosen. The Bastion is where these monsters are birthed, and where they must be destroyed.

Anyone daring enough to enter the Bastion will be justly rewarded with materials from our stores. Travel with Kymon's blessing, brave Chosen.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Slay Chthonian Unraveler (0/1)
  • Return to the Kymon's Chosen Bounty Table

Guide[edit | edit source]

The Unraveler has 3 spawn locations on the first level of the Bastion of Chaos (see map below).

Note: The second phase of the boss fight with Karroz, Sigil of Ch'thon within the Darkvale Gate area spawns an Unraveler boss, Thall'Nosh The Unraveler. This will not count as an Unraveler for this bounty quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Component Reward Table
Battered Shell Complete.png Battered Shell
Cracked Lodestone Complete.png Cracked Lodestone
Enchanted Flint Complete.png Enchanted Flint
Flintcore Bolts Complete.png Flintcore Bolts
Imbued Silver Complete.png Imbued Silver
Radiant Gem Complete.png Radiant Gem
Severed Claw Complete.png Severed Claw
Silvercore Bolts Complete.png Silvercore Bolts
Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 9000 15000
Kymon's Chosen
+125 +300 +450
-50 -100 -150
Item Random Component

Unraveler Locations

Tier 1
Ascendant AnvilEmpty ThroneFalconHammerHarpyOwlShepherd's CrookToadWolverine
Chaos FiendGhoulJackalRatViperVultureWretch
Eldritch Akeron's ScorpionBatEye of the GuardianFoxHawkQuillRavenScholar's LightSpider
Order Assassin's BladeCraneDryadLionPantherStagTortoise
Primordial BullEelGallowsHoundImpLizardSailor's GuideTsunamiWraith
Tier 2
AfflictionAlladrah's PhoenixAmatok the Spirit of WinterAssassinAutumn BoarBard's HarpBehemothBerserkerBlades of NadaanBysmiel's BondsChariot of the DeadCrabDire BearHarvestman's ScytheHuntressHydraKrakenMagiManticoreMessenger of WarMurmur, Mistress of RumorsOklaine's LanternRevenantRhowan's CrownRhowan's ScepterScales of UlcamaShieldmaidenSolael's WitchbladeSolemn WatcherStaff of RattoshTargo the BuilderTempestTyphos, the Jailor of SoulsUlo the Keeper of the WatersWendigoWidow
Tier 3
AbominationAeon's HourglassAttak Seru, the MirageBlind SageCrossroadsDevotionDying GodIshtak, the Spring MaidenLeviathanLight of EmpyrionMogdrogen the WolfObelisk of MenhirOleronRattosh, the VeilwardenSpear of the HeavensTree of LifeUlzuin's TorchUltos, Shepherd of StormsUnknown SoldierVire, the Stone Matron