Bounty: The Lost Oligarch

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The lost Oligarch is a Rovers Faction Bounty.

Bounty Text[edit | edit source]

We have always believed there to be three Oligarchs from the ancient Arkovia, but recent sightings near the Undercity have proven our texts wrong. Oligeane Dar appears to be a fourth Oligarch that has recently been reunited with the rest of the Arkovian leaders.

Three Oligarchs is threat enough, we cannot allow a fourth to roam freely. She must be banished back to whatever hell she crawled from.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Slay Oligeane Dar (0/1)
  • Return to the Rover Bounty Table

Guide[edit | edit source]

Oligeane Dar is a Haunted Noble with five possible spawn locations in the Arkovian Undercity.

  • North of the south-western Arkovian Undercity Exit on level 1
  • In the middle end of the first level, below the entrance to level 2
  • The first first large room on level 2
  • Rhovena Kur's room, on level 2
  • In the Boss room with Kilrian, the Tainted Soul at the end of level 3

Oligeane Locations 1.jpg Oligeane Location 2.jpg Oligeane Location 3.jpg

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Component Reward Table
Chipped Claw Complete.png Chipped Claw
Frozen Heart Complete.png Frozen Heart
Haunted Steel Complete.png Haunted Steel
Mark of the Traveler Complete.png Mark of the Traveler
Mark of the Myrmidon Complete.png Mark of the Myrmidon
Sanctified Bone Complete.png Sanctified Bone
Scaled Hide Complete.png Scaled Hide
Venom-Tipped Ammo Complete.png Venom-Tipped Ammo
Wardstone Complete.png Wardstone
Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 9000 15000
+125 +300 +450
-50 -100 -150
Item Random Component

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