Bounty: Halion, The Rat

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Faction Devil's Crossing Icon.png

Bounty: Halion, The Rat is a Devil's Crossing Faction Bounty.

Bounty Text[edit | edit source]

Halion "The Rat" and his oversized pet are a menace and a threat to Devil's Crossing. He used to run a powerful gang that operated outside Burrwitch and rumour is that he is once again gathering followers.

His Operation must be stopped.

Halion was last sighted in Hanneffy Mine, below the Four Hills of Old Arkovia. Compensation will be offered in the form of iron bits.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Slay Halion, The Rat (0/1)
  • Slay Halion's Pet Rat (0/1)
  • Return to the Devil's Crossing Bounty table.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Halion "The Rat" is located in Hanneffy Mine, below the Four Hills.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 9000 15000
Iron 800 4000 8000
Devils' Crossing
+125 +300 +450
Cronley's Gang
-50 -100 -150