Bonescavenger's Deathgrips

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Bonescavenger's Deathgrips are a Legendary Hand Armor.

The gloves allow the player to summon a Bound Spirit on the death of an enemy. Note that the enemy must be killed by the player, not a pet.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Bonescavenger's Deathgrips Icon.png

Bonescavenger's Deathgrips

"Channeling necromancer's gloves that still retain some of the mage's grisly power."
Legendary Gloves
645 Armor

+26% Vitality Damage
+26% Vitality Decay
+3% Health
+55 Offensive Ability
24% Vitality Resistance
+2 to Bonds of Bysmiel
+2 to Conjure Primal Spirit

Bonus to All Pets

+40% to All Damage
+65% Vitality Damage
+6% Total Speed

Granted Skills

Raise Spirit (30% Chance on Enemy Death)
Use the energy of a recent kill to call forth a tormented spirit to aid you. The spirit scales with Pet Bonuses.
4 Second Skill Recharge
3 Summon Limit
Bound Spirit Attributes:
Lives for 20 Seconds
6219 Health
1051 Energy
Bound Spirit Abilities:
Ghostly Touch
132-175 Cold Damage
132-175 Vitality Damage

Required Player Level: 58
Required Physique: 240
Item Level: 58

Bound Spirit Pet.jpg

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