Bloodstained Note

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This note is found as a random drop from Cronley's Gang members in Cronley's Hideout.

Third time this pale-skinned duo in robes, a man and a woman, has shown up at the hideout. The boss says to let them through, so I let them through.

The whole camp's on edge whenever those two show up. Maybe it's their eyes. That unsettling green glow reminds me of the dead ones.

Or maybe I'm just agitated because the crystals Cronley stuck in my back seem to vibrate whenever the duo's around; like they're ready to rip loose. The voices I hear when I sleep are already enough to make a man tense. The others told me that they hear them too, but none of us can remember what the whispers say. Boss says it will pass though, that it's just a part of ascending into the ranks of his glorious army. This new dawn of his had damn better be worth it.