Blessed Whetstone

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Blessed Whetstone is a  Common Component for use on Axes, Swords, Guns and Crossbows. It is obtained primarily through crafting.

The Blueprint: Blessed Whetstone is available from the Kymon's Chosen and Order of Death's Vigil Faction Quartermasters after reaching Respected status.

Partial Components can also be received as part of Faction Bounty rewards for The Black Legion.

Stats[edit | edit source]

{{Item|b | image = Blessed Whetstone Complete.png | name = Blessed Whetstone | flavortext = "Sharpens even the sharpest of edges, increasing the damage that penetrates enemy armor."
(Used in axes and swords) | itemtype = Component

  | stat1 =  Increases Armor Piercing by +50%
  | stat2 = {{val|2|+18%} Pierce Damage
  | stat3 = +25%} Bleeding Damage

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

Crafts one complete Blessed Whetstone Component.

Aethercrystal.tex.png Aether Crystal (3)
Serrated Spike Complete.png Serrated Spike (3)
Scavenged Plating Complete.png Scavenged Plating (3)

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