Blessed Steel

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Blessed Steel is a component for use in all Weapons, Shields and Caster Off-Hands.

The Blueprint: Blessed Steel is available from the Kymon's Chosen and Order of Death's Vigil Faction Quartermasters after reaching Respected status.

This Component can also be received as part of Faction Bounty rewards for The Black Legion.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Blessed Steel Complete.png

Blessed Steel

"Steel blessed by the priests of Menhir to vanquish the spreading darkness."
(Used in all weapons, shields and caster off-hands)


4 Elemental Damage
+18% Elemental Damage
10% Physical Damage converted to Elemental Damage
+18 Offensive Ability

Granted Skills

Sacred Strike (Granted by Item)
Strike your enemies with a devastating blow which weakens their resilience.
32 Energy Cost
3 Second Skill Recharge
350% Weapon Damage
165-254 Elemental Damage
20 Reduced target's Resistances for 5 Seconds
100% Physical damage converted to Elemental Damage

Required Player Level: 24
Item Level: 30

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

Crafts one Blessed Steel Component.

Aethercrystal.tex.png Aether Crystal (3)
Imbued Silver Complete.png Imbued Silver (3)

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