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Blazerush is a Legendary two-handed melee weapon.

This item is available only with the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion, and is obtainable only by crafting The Blueprint can be purchased from the Coven of Ugdenbog faction vendor on attaining Revered faction status.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Blazerush Icon.png


Legendary Two-Handed Mace
158-786 Physical Damage
1.45 Attacks per Second

61-72 Fire Damage
+230% Physical Damage
+230% Fire Damage
+230% Internal Trauma Damage
+230% Burn Damage
45% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
+17% Attack Speed
Increases Armor by 10%
+2 to Upheaval
+3 to Grenado
+3 to Shattering Blast
+2 to all skills in Shaman
70% Weapon Damage to Grenado
60% Weapon Damage to Upheaval
100% Lightning Damage converted to Fire Damage to Upheaval

Required Player Level: 94
Required Physique: 650
Item Level: 84

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Fleshwarped Shard Icon.png Fleshwarped Shard (1)
Haunt Relic Icon.png Haunt (1)
Inferno Relic Icon.png Inferno (1)
Kilrian's Shattered Soul Complete.png Kilrian's Shattered Soul (1)

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