Black Legion Scouting Report: Necropolis

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This note is found in Fort Ikon.

Commander Lucius ordered a scouting mission to the North. When I asked what we should be looking for, he almost lost his temper and said "Anything that might cause a disturbance". His reaction seemed rather out of place and strange. The commander is not known for such outbursts. It also struck me odd the way he used the word "disturbance".

I took my scouting squad through the north gate and almost immediately started seeing some Aetherial activity. We changed our course and headed for the hills rather than traveling the main road. It took longer but we avoided large numbers of the Aetherial dead. They appear to be gathering in the north in preparation for an attack. Their numbers have swelled tremendously since my last mission outside the walls. The return trip is going to prove difficult. I sent one of my scouts back to report this information immediately.

Heading north we passed by the Necropolis. From the mountain top we did not see anything unusual. Searching as far as we could on our resources we discovered nothing but the accursed blood cultists everywhere. Avoiding them made our progress slow. We did see one strange thing of note: the cultists appear to be collecting blood in vast quantities and hauling them in wagons filled with large glass cisterns. We followed for a bit to see where they were being taken, but were spotted and forced to retreat.

1st Regimental Scouts of Black Legion, Sergeant Matius Castalan