Birthing Success

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Birthing Success is a note found in the Fleshworks.

I am pleased to report that our recent experimentations upon human female specimens have been exceptionally successful.

It appears the hosts are far more receptive of our impregnation methods then previously thought. Additionally, younger, more fit specimen have shown incredibly rapid rates of development and recovery. Their bodies are more durable and longer lasting allowing us to increase the rate and frequency of impregnation, with astonishing results. These specimens have proven capable of hosting two or more incipient ovules per womb. We have reduced the required gestation period by half and, due to the longevity of the younger hosts, we believe we may be able to further accelerate the process.

I have full confidence that we can make further improvements, so lang as we maintain a steady supply of specimens. However, with the population rapidly dwindling in Malmouth, it may be time to draw upon our reserves of living subjects form Erulan and beyond.