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Bella Fald is a blacksmith who can be found in the Tomb of Herald Mathis, in a secret area behind a breakable wall. (Elite and Ultimate difficulties only)

Services[edit | edit source]

Bella crafts random Ashes of Malmouth Legendary items from 5 categories, for a cost of 75,000 Iron Bits, 1 Polished Emerald, and a quantity of rare crafting materials.

Crafting an item will randomly apply one of the following properties to the item:

  • Increases Health Regeneration by 5-11%
  • +4-12 Defensive Ability
  • +4-12 Offensive Ability
Item type Rare Material Notes
Legendary Accessory 6 Wendigo Spirit includes Belts
Legendary Armor 6 Aetherial Missive
Legendary Caster Weapon 6 Aetherial Mutagen includes Daggers, Scepters & Off-Hands
Legendary Melee Weapon 6 Aetherial Missive also includes Shields
Legendary Ranged Weapon 6 Aetherial Mutagen

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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