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Belgothian's Shears (Skill)

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Belgothian's Shears (Skill) Icon.png   Belgothian's Shears
Mastery: Nightblade
Tier: 2
Skill Type: Modifier
Max. Level: 8
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Dual Blades (Skill) Icon.png Dual Blades
Dual Blades (Skill) Icon.png

Dual Blades

01/16 6 Piercing Damage
+5% Pierce Damage
+5% Cold Damage
1% Physical Resistance

16/16 66 Piercing Damage
+60% Pierce Damage
+60% Cold Damage
10% Physical Resistance

The brawny Belgothian was an anomaly among the Nightblade masters, but he exceeded them all in raw power. Leveraging his strength in direct but lethal attacks like the shears, Belgothian could often finish an enemy in a single move.

This is a melee dual wielding technique that activates off default weapon attacks.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.5.1

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/8 8% Chance to be Used
165 Degree Attack Arc
3 Target Maximum
128% Weapon Damage
8-14 Physical Damage
+8% Pierce Damage
Stun target for 0.7 Seconds
2/8 12% Chance to be Used
14-23 Physical Damage
+26% Pierce Damage
3/8 15% Chance to be Used
21-32 Physical Damage
+40% Pierce Damage
4/8 18% Chance to be Used
28-43 Physical Damage
+54% Pierce Damage
5/8 20% Chance to be Used
35-54 Physical Damage
+69% Pierce Damage
6/8 20% Chance to be Used
41-65 Physical Damage
+84% Pierce Damage
7/8 20% Chance to be Used
48-75 Physical Damage
+99% Pierce Damage
8/8 20% Chance to be Used
55-86 Physical Damage
+115% Pierce Damage
Ultimate Levels
Level Stats
9/8 20% Chance to be Used
62-96 Physical Damage
+129% Pierce Damage
10/8 20% Chance to be Used
69-106 Physical Damage
+142% Pierce Damage
11/8 20% Chance to be Used
77-118 Physical Damage
+155% Pierce Damage
12/8 20% Chance to be Used
84-130 Physical Damage
+168% Pierce Damage
13/8 20% Chance to be Used
91-142 Physical Damage
+181% Pierce Damage
14/8 20% Chance to be Used
100-155 Physical Damage
+194% Pierce Damage
15/8 20% Chance to be Used
107-168 Physical Damage
+207% Pierce Damage
16/8 20% Chance to be Used
116-181 Physical Damage
+220% Pierce Damage
17/8 20% Chance to be Used
125-195 Physical Damage
+233% Pierce Damage
18/8 20% Chance to be Used
140-218 Physical Damage
+250% Pierce Damage

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