Belgothian's Carnage (relic)

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Belgothian's Carnage is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Belgothian's Carnage Relic Icon.png

Belgothian's Carnage

"I have looked into the great dark beyond expecting the empty void. I never expected it to look back."
Mythical Relic

8 Piercing Damage
+65% Physical Damage
+65% Pierce Damage
25% Chance of 40 Reduced target's Defensive Ability For 2 Seconds
+35 Cunning
+45 Offensive Ability
+1 to All Skills in Nightblade

Granted Skills

Carnage (33% Chance on Critical Attack)
The more carnage and devastation you cause, the easier it becomes to do so once again. This is a melee dual-wielding technique. Also enables the ability to dual wield melee weapons.
-1 Seconds to All Currently Active Skill Cooldowns
4.5 Second Skill Recharge

Required Player Level: 70
Item Level: 70

Completion Bonuses[edit | edit source]

+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Devouring Blades
+1 to Circle of Slaughter
+1 to Shadow Dance
+1 to Devouring Blades
+1 to Pneumatic Burst
+1 to Nidalla's Justifiable Ends
+1 to Night's Chill
+1 to Shadow Dance
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Night's Chill
+1 to Nether Edge
+1 to Nether Edge
+1 to Nightfall
+1 to Nightfall
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Amarasta's Blade Burst
+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Heart Seeker
+1 to Blade Trap

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