Avenger (relic)

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Avenger is a Mythical Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Avenger Relic Icon.png


"It is true, you have landed a mighty blow; but the last one shall be mine."
Mythical Relic

+91% Physical Damage
+65% Elemental Damage
+5% Defensive Ability
35% Vitality Resistance
35% Elemental Resistance
150-674 Lightning Retaliation

Granted Skills

Vengeance (20% Chance when Hit)
Unleash the combined energy of the blows you have sustained into a devastating shockwave.
1.5 Second Skill Recharge
5 Meter Radius
12% of Retaliation Damage added to Attack
505-1204 Physical Damage
324-787 Lightning Damage

Required Player Level: 70
Item Level: 70

Completion Bonuses[edit | edit source]

+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Spirit
+3% Physique
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+3% Physique
+3% Spirit
+3% Cunning
+5% Health
+10% Energy
Increases Health regeneration by 15%
Increases Energy regeneration by 15%
+3% Defensive Ability
+20% Pierce Resistance
+20% Fire Resistance
+20% Cold Resistance
+20% Lightning Resistance
+20% Poison & Acid Resistance
+15% Vitality Resistance
+10% Aether Resistance
+12% Chaos Resistance
+25% Bleeding Resistance
+30% Life Leech Resistance
25% Reduced Stun Duration
25% Reduced Freeze Duration
10% Elemental Resistance
10% Damage Reflected

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