Aurin's Recipe

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Aurin's Recipe is a note found in a chest inside a house in Barrowholm.

A decent cut of meat is a rare sight these days, so it is imperative that we treat every opportunity to feast upon a fresh kill with great reverence. Though I've found cuts from our recent quarries to be a bit tough and lean, they are not entirely unpleasant; much like a freshly slaughtered deer. And while I initially found the taste nauseating, I've become increasingly fond of its delicate layers and nuances.

As one of the favored among Scorv's company, I've generally had my pick of the best cuts, so I always enthusiastically go for a butchered portion of leg or upper arm. I ask to leave the bone in, as it really seals in the flavor and keeps the meat juicy after cooking. Nevertheless, my recent experimentations reveal that a shorter cooking time is by far the most satisfying.

With the addition of some finely chopped black onions and a gentle sprinkling of Wightmire herbs seared alongside the meat, the still bloody cuts make for an exquisite experience that is the envy of everyone in Barrowholm. The critical trick is to sear it on the outside while leaving the inside still dripping with juices.

Scorv himself said that my inspirations could cure even a ravaging hunger, but I know he just says this to keep up our spirits. I am not worthy of such praise.

Aurin Evelline