Armory Explosion Investigation

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This note is found the Fort Ikon Armory.

This is my final report on the massive explosion that has destroyed the north courtyard. It is intended to be read with the compiled notes pulled together from the past week.

With the intent of establishing a damage report and the death toll, I assembled a squad of soldiers and led them into the shattered depths below Fort Ikon. The explosion appears to have blown down into the sewers making the smell in the armory ungodly. That, in and of itself, has made it almost impossible to go down there. The plumes of smoke reduced our vision and choked the air. Crumbling walls, supports and floors were in constant danger of additional collapse. The explosion appears to have been centered on a single large support below the armory. At the bottom of the devastation we found several dead men, charred almost beyond recognition. They appear to be the men who went missing earlier this week.

My investigation indicates that the missing men were using the stolen blackpowder to make an opening into the sewers to make their escape. In closing of this report, I'd like to raise two concerns. The first is: one of the men was an explosives expert and should have been aware of the destructive potential of so much powder. By itself, I wouldn't give this detail a second thought, if not for my second concern: another of the men has been with the Black Legion for nearly eight years with no signs of descent or disagreement with command. In fact, he was due for promotion to a commanding position soon. Something doesn't fit here. The tale that is painted indicates sabotage from within, but who would go to such lengths to frame these men? Without more information, I cannot say with certainty what is going on, but my gut tells me that there is more at play here than at first appears.

Captain Frederick Bachknell