Anorak's Journal

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This note is found in the Korvan Docks, near the Sandblown Ruins entrance.

It provides some back-story to the Tomb Brothers side quest.

Aaral's got the three of us working with an odd crew, some bunch of witch worshipping fanatics, but I have my trepidations. For one, getting mixed up with such a controversial group may prove more dangerous than it's worth. They also seem like a terribly conflicted lot, all pledging themselves to different deities, none of whom seem to get along very well.

They've somehow roped my brothers into joining their little cult, though I suspect those two aren't buying into the mumbo jumbo the witches are peddling. More likely they think we'll turn a healthy profit by going along with the whole deal. If that's the case, Aaral and Anderan are doing an awfully good job hiding it. They're joining in with daily rituals, kowtowing to their new god. It's an odd site, those two fools pretending they care for anything other than making themselves rich. I wonder how long it will be until they try to get me to join in with them. I haven't had an opportunity to speak with them about it, but deceiving a group of fanatics like this could be dangerous business.

For the time being, the witches have kept us well supplied and there seems to be no shortage of grave robbing they want us to do. I don't exactly know what they're looking for but they don't seem to have any interest in the usual trinkets. They were rather displeased with our first haul, saying it was all useless junk. We just grabbed what usually sells well, jewelry, anything that looks expensive, but they said to focus our efforts on items that seem to have greater importance, auras, whatever that means.

On top of all else, things are heating up in camp. The witches seem to be preparing for something, arguing amongst themselves, making plans in secret. There's a lot of strange people coming and going and some rather concerning rumors about goings-on to the north in the ruins of Korvan City. We don't have any plans to head out there though, at least I hope not.

This morning it's off to the Cairan Docks for a second run. There's a network of tombs and temples beneath the ruins that the witches seem particularly interested in. We've been down there before and most of those places seemed like they were picked over years ago. But maybe the stuff with...auras is still down there. In any case, I'll have my hands full keeping Aaral and Anderan out of trouble, as usual.