Ancestor (relic)

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Ancestor is a Transcendent Relic.

This item can only be acquired by crafting. A Blueprint is required.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Ancestor Relic Icon.png


"Within our ancestry lies the key to true potential."
Transcendent Relic

+24% to All Damage
+5% Defensive Ability
+1 to All Skills in Shaman

Bonus to All Pets:

+35% to All Damage
+10% Defensive Ability
25% Vitality Resistance

Granted Skills

Ancestral Bond (Granted by Item)
Your ancestral bond with your minions unlocks power within them previously thought impossible. This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect.
1 Active Energy Cost per Second
+200 Energy Reserved
Bonus to All Pets:
12-32 Elemental Damage
+15% Crit Damage
+25% Physical Damage
+100% Elemental Damage
+10% Total Speed
+100% to All Retaliation Damage

Required Player Level: 50
Item Level: 50

Completion Bonuses[edit | edit source]

+1 to Torrent
+1 to Tenacity of the Boar
+1 to Entangling Vines
+1 to Heart of the Wild
+1 to Ground Slam
+1 to Raging Tempest
+1 to Blood Pact
+1 to Storm Touched
+1 to Storm Surge
+1 to Oak Skin
+1 to Maelstrom

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