Allostria's Orders

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Allostria's Orders is a note that drops from Allostria, the Mindthief in The Infestation.

By our decree, you are to travel to Malmouth. Expend any resource you require to make the long journey in utmost haste. Once you've arrived, you are to ascertain the progress that has been made under the rule of the Shaper of Flesh. We have reason to believe that his recent actions have diverged from the consensus and now threaten our grand vision.

If what we suspect is true, then you are to proceed immediately in returning the Shaper to Erulan and taking his place as the heart of the operations in Malmouth. If however we have erred in our suspicions, then report on this miscalculation immediately and ensure that the consensus proceeds as ordained.

With Their eye falling upon us, we must be swift in our actions. No piece of the puzzle must be allowed to contort itself to its own whims. We will not be jeopardized when victory is so close at hand.

-Adjunct Orin Vostra, Fourth of the Circle of Five