Allies Among the Ashes

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Allies Among the Ashes
Allies Among the Ashes.png
Quest Info
Given by: Ulgrim
Location: Homestead
Faction: Kymon's Chosen
Order of Death's Vigil
Type: Main Quest
Prerequisites: The Aetherial Farm
Unlocks: The Prophet's Call or
Seeking the Order
Rewards: XP, Reputation

This is a small Act 3 quest, offered by Ulgrim after completing The Aetherial Farm.

Accepting this quest opens the eastern gate at Homestead and allows access to the Fallow Fields, The Blood Grove and other later Act 3 areas.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ulgrim says he knows of two other survivor groups operating in the area, and although they are mutual enemies, working with one or the other could prove beneficial. He has thus invited representatives from both factions to Homestead.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Guide[edit | edit source]

Speak with Haruuv of the Order of Death's Vigil and Brother Molltair of Kymon's Chosen to decide who you want to ally with.

The main reason for choosing one faction over the other is for the faction-specific equipment each offers.  Kymon's Chosen offers support for Physical, Fire, and Lightning damage builds, while Death's Vigil equipment gives  bonuses to Cold, Vitality and Pet damage.

Each Faction will also offer its own separate quest line.

After reaching Elite or Ultimate difficulties, the player may choose to side with a different faction. This will reset the reputation for both factions on all difficulties, which means the player can only be allied to one faction at a time, regardless of the difficulty that the player starts the game on.

Note that it is not possible to side with Kymon's Chosen if the player has selected the Necromancer Mastery.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

If you side with the Order of Death's Vigil:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 17000 33000
Reputation -1500 Kymon's Chosen
+1500 Order of Death's Vigil

If you side with Kymon's Chosen:

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 5000 17000 33000
Reputation +1500 Kymon's Chosen
-1500 Order of Death's Vigil

Note that you will achieve Despised status with the faction you do not choose and they will become hostile toward you.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
Ulgrim firmly believes, even though the leadership in the Black Legion disagrees, that the local factions could be of great use in the battles ahead. He has asked representatives from the Order of Death's Vigil and Kymon's Chosen to come to Homestead and speak with you. These two factions are at odds with each other, and making them work together is virtually impossible. Ulgrim has tasked you with speaking to both emissaries in order to determine who will be of superior strategic value.


  • Choose between Kymon's Chosen and the Order of Death's Vigil